I’m Jared Nieuwenhuis  - I'm a husband, father, community volunteer, and technology leader. I'm running for Bellevue City Council because we need leaders with common sense and real world experience who will work to make our city a safe and prosperous place to live, work, and play.

As your Councilmember I'll focus on putting our neighborhoods first, keeping our community safe, bringing real reform and transparency to City Hall, and supporting sustainable growth - that means making Bellevue the destination for high tech businesses while preventing over-development that hurts our neighborhoods.

Bellevue is an incredible place to raise a family, start or grow a business, or enjoy our tremendous parks and natural beauty. Whether it's eliminating traffic, protecting our environment, reducing regulations on local businesses, or strengthening public safety - I'll work to make sure Bellevue continues to be the vibrant, thriving community we know and love.

I’m Jared Nieuwenhuis, candidate for Bellevue City Council. Please, join me in putting our neighborhoods first.


  Jared Nieuwenhuis

Recently endorsed by The Seattle Times:

"Jared Nieuwenhuis is smart, organized and constructive, approaches that can help in what could easily be tense interactions on city business. He’s a big believer in what locals like to call “the Bellevue way” of building consensus after extended periods of discussion and debate."

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