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I am honored to serve you on Position 4 on the Bellevue City Council. As promised, I am at City Hall to listen, be thoughtful and be transparent with you about the challenges and opportunities that we face as a community. Whether you voted for me or not, I do my best to represent all Bellevue citizens.

I regularly work with the citizens of Bellevue, our numerous community leaders, Mayor John Stokes, Deputy Mayor John Chelminiak and Council Members Jennifer Robertson, Conrad Lee, Lynne Robinson and Janice Zahn. I also work with the tremendous staff at the City of Bellevue that keeps our special city a results oriented local government.

Bellevue is an incredible place to raise a family, start or grow a business, or enjoy our tremendous parks and natural beauty. Whether it's eliminating traffic, protecting our environment, reducing regulations on local businesses, or strengthening public safety - I'm working to make sure Bellevue continues to be that vibrant, thriving community we know and love.

My priority is reestablishing the “Bellevue Way” – transparency, compassion, citizen involvement, and professionalism – to work for consensus on decisions that will provide a high quality of life for current and future generations.

Mobility and safety for commuters, shoppers and residents are enduring concerns. As a Board Member of the Parks & Community Services Board and the Lake Hills Neighborhood Association, and as Public Policy Committee Chair of the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce, I’ve seen that we’re doing good things within growing areas, but need to address traffic problems in the rest of the city, such as the congestion seen in East and South Bellevue. I’ll work for new infrastructure and technology improvements.

Homelessness is an emerging issue for Bellevue. We need a shelter plan that balances the interests of residents. As a Boardmember of LifeWire, a nonprofit helping domestic violence victims and children make safe separations and reach self-sufficiency, and The Sophia Way before that, I gained a sobering and inspiring perspective. I’ll bring that experience and seek responsible solutions to homelessness.

Council Assignments and Appointments

  • Cascade Water Alliance Finance and Management Committee

  • Cascade Water Alliance Public Affairs Committee

  • Cascade Water Alliance Resource Management Committee

  • Probation Advisory Board Liaison

  • Environmental Services Commission Liaison

  • Wilburton-Grand Connection Citizen Advisory Committee Liaison