Neighborhoods First | Bellevue is an incredible place to raise a family, start or grow a business, or enjoy our tremendous parks and natural beauty. Whether it's eliminating traffic, protecting our environment, reducing regulations on local businesses, or strengthening public safety - Jared will put our neighborhoods first to ensure Bellevue continues to be the vibrant, thriving community we know and love.


Opposing Heroin in Our Community | UPDATED 10/18/17

On Monday, October 16th, just days before the ballots are scheduled for delivery to Bellevue residents,  the court removed Initiative 27 from the ballot. This opens the door for King County to place heroin injection sites anywhere they'd like throughout the County. It's more important than ever to elect leaders like Jared Nieuwenhuis who absolutely oppose the heroin injection sites. See this joint press release and continue reading for more about Jared's position on this issue critical to Bellevue neighborhoods.

Jared is strongly opposed to heroin injection sites and absolutely opposed to bringing these unsafe injection sites into Bellevue. These heroin injection sites do a terrible disservice for those struggling with addiction. The clear data and common sense show these sites make problems worse, not better. We need better education about the dangers of opioids, further development and training for doctors regarding pain killer prescriptions, more community outreach, and better treatment options - without putting drugs in the hands of our most vulnerable.

These sites are also awful for Bellevue's neighborhoods. Establishing a heroin injection site in Bellevue would create an area where buying, selling, and possessing drugs is essentially legal, drawing crime into Bellevue, right next to our homes, schools, parks, and businesses.

Jared is the only candidate for Bellevue City Council (position 4) who is opposed to bringing these heroin injection sites in Bellevue and will fight to ensure they're as far away from our neighborhoods as possible. You might hear this isn't an important issue because current members of the City Council oppose the sites, but just because the current council rejects them doesn't mean that a future Council won't revisit and welcome heroin injection sites. That's why it is crucial that we elect candidates who are strongly opposed to these injection sites, who won''t give one inch on bringing them into Bellevue.


Reform City Hall | Jared will bring a proactive, pragmatic, and common sense approach to leadership at City Hall. He'll improve transparency, increase accountability, and give you a direct voice in local government because he knows taxpayers must be treated like the customers they are.


Support Sustainable Growth | You deserve a booming economy with rising wages. Jared knows we need to keep taxes low and eliminate burdensome government regulations on local businesses to create more, better-paying jobs in a 21st century economy. Jared will work to make Bellevue a destination for high tech businesses while preventing over-development that hurts our neighborhoods.


Real Solutions to Homelessness | Jared knows that Bellevue needs to provide real solutions to fix homelessness in our community but we need to balance that with the concerns of our neighborhoods. Instead of placing low barrier homeless shelters near our daycare centers, schools, parks, and neighborhoods, we need to find better, safer, and more sensible locations for those citizens that are experiencing homelessness and set them on a path to self-sufficiency and independence.  We need to work together as a community to make homelessness rare, brief and one-time in Bellevue.